Imagine being able to use the same bike to ride around town and to hit the trails from time to time. A hybrid bike is one that combines the best features of a touring bicycle with the best features of a mountain bike.

Understanding the differences and similarities is the key to buying the best hybrid bikes under 500

It could be argued that the most important part of any bike is its tires. After all, it is where the rubber meets the road (if you will pardon the cliche).

hybrid bicycleThe tires on a hybrid are closer to those of a mountain bike, but they are a bit thinner and smoother, so they still feel comfortable on the pavement.

The tires tend to have a higher air pressure, and this helps to add to their ability to roll along without slowing you down. The rims and spokes are light but are sturdier than what you would find on a typical road bike.

The suspension is another difference found on most of the best hybrids. A road bike doesn’t need as much suspension as a mountain bike going over rock-strewn trails.

However, a hybrid will have better shock absorption, and that will give you a nicer ride anywhere that you happen to go. The frames are typically made of composite materials that are both strong and light weight at the same time.

The handlebars on a hybrid are more like those of a mountain bike, and a lot of people find that this position is more natural and comfortable. The seat is as comfortable as you would expect from a touring bike, but it is situated like that of a mountain bike.

The better models will have additional features that make the seat more secure, without sacrificing comfort. As you can see, the term hybrid applies quite well to these bicycles, and that works to your benefit.

hybrid bicyclingBecause you will be most likely using the hybrid in different situations, it’s a good idea to get a few accessories. A basket or rack comes in handy if you do a lot of errands in town or like to take extra gear when you’re on the trail. A light, hand pump, bike lock, and water bottle are also musts.

If you only plan on mountain biking or like to go on long bike rides, then a hybrid may not be your best option. Having a particular bike for each of these tasks would more sense.

However, if you are a casual cyclist, then a hybrid bike is a great decision that will fulfill all of your needs, and full fill them very well. You won’t be limited to either the road or the trail, but can enjoy both of them. The best hybrid bikes are ideal for any savvy shopper that needs an all-around bike.


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